Wealth creation day for dentists

Dr Singh is looking to pass on knowledge of the property market to empower dentists to create, build and manage their own property portfolio. Dr Singh aims to be able to provide dentists with an additional income, pension or to become financially free and work reduced hours.

Dr Singh found himself making good money as a dentist; however, it left him working long hours and missing out on both family and ?'me time'. He found himself, even when away from the practice, thinking about patient emergencies or complaints, as well as staff issues.

Dr Singh, as well as practising dentistry, started to invest in property and picked up a knowledge of the industry and some 'property secrets' along the way. Dr Singh has acquired a number of properties over a 24-month period that have increased in value and bring in an extra income.

Dr Singh will be hosting the 'Wealth creation day for dentists' course on 21 February 2014To attend please click here.

If you would like a free report, '10 Secrets to Successful Property Investing for Busy Dentists', please visit and fill out the formFor further information, please email

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