New appointments at the GDC

GDCThe General Dental Council (GDC) has appointed a new group of members to its independent appointments committee.

The appointments committee’s role is to oversee the recruitment, training and performance management of the GDC’s independent fitness to practise panel, made up of 144 members, and recruit new members as required.

It is also responsible for recommending members for the council’s investigating committee, which considers allegations of impaired fitness to practise and decides whether a case should be referred to one of the GDC’s practice committees.

The new membership of the appointments committee is:

  • Rosie Varley (lay – chair)
  • Martyn Green (registrant – member)
  • Tim Skelton (lay – member).

The appointment of a fourth member is yet to be confirmed.

The GDC claims its appointments committee is integral to ensuring that the interim orders committee and all three of the GDC’s practice committees (professional conduct committee, professional performance committee and health committee) continue to work to the highest standard and remain independent.

The GDC’s chief executive, Evlynne Gilvarry, said: ‘The new appointment’s committee has been selected from a field of exceptional quality candidates, following a national recruitment campaign and a selection process in line with good practice.

‘We welcome the new committee, which fulfils one of the GDC’s most important functions.’

The new appointments committee took office on 1 January 2015.

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    The political control of the regulatory bodies is very worrying and is used to censor clinicians who speak out against the appalling things brokered by NHS and its managers. It is clear that the regulatory bodies are not fit for purpose and have lost the support and respect of the Professions and Patients.

    There is no amount of political spin that will change this situation. The sense of progress is a delusion from commonly worthless CPD courses to a pretence of evidence based medicine practice overturned by political expediency (fluoridation is a good example)

    I believe real change for professional regulation and patient safety will only be possible when the current system is dismantled and replaced by a peer review regulatory system that is State funded. This of course will never be permitted as it will reveal the true level of Health care decay in the United Kingdom.

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