Dental charges a postcode lottery

Dental treatment

Dental charges are a postcode lottery with prices for check-ups varying by up to 733% across the UK

Private dentist charges are a postcode lottery with prices for check-ups varying by up to 733% across the UK.

The data has come from new research by and is based on fees charged by more than 12,000 private dentists across the UK for some of the most common treatments.

It also reveals the average price for a dental consultation in the UK is £36, however, this can vary by £110 depending on where you go.

‘The positives to take away from this research are the potentially huge savings to be made by shopping around,’ Emily Ross, director of, said.

One Bristol clinic charged the most for a single treatment costing £125, while the cheapest was to be found in London at just £15.

Based on city-wide averages, the most expensive city for dental check-ups is Bournemouth (£47), while Birmingham is the cheapest (£23).

Tooth whitening treatments have rocketed in recent years – with enquiries up 30% in the past three months alone.

The average cost in the UK for treatment is £305, but one top London clinic charged up to £875, which is also the city where patients will pay the most on average (£364).

Liverpool in contrast is the cheapest where the treatment costs an average £205.

Root canals in the UK cost an average of £253, but prices in Reading reach £325, while Glasgow was the cheapest at just £158 – almost £100 under the UK average.

Dental implants in Southampton can cost £928 on average – just over half the price of the UK average (£1,984).

Cambridge is the most expensive city for the treatment (£2,393.

The average cost of veneers in the UK is £440, but having these done in Birmingham will cost 24% less at just £333.

Bournemouth is the most expensive city on average at £574.

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