GDC launches consultation on ARF for 2016


The GDC has launched a consultation on the ARF for 2016

The General Dental Council (GDC) has launched a consultation on the level of its annual retention fee (ARF) for 2016.

The GDC has suggested that the ARF levels stay the same but says it is also taking the opportunity to consult on:

  • Setting out financial and other information the proposed ARF is based
  • Seeking views on the level of the fees.

‘The GDC is committed to being a transparent regulator,’ Evlynne Gilvarry, chief executive and registrar, said.

‘This includes setting out clearly what the ARF funds and that is why we are launching this exceptional consultation today.

‘We want to be clear with the public, dental professionals and our other important stakeholders about how we have calculated the fees for dentists and dental care professionals, and how the income will be used to fund all our work to ensure patients continue to be protected and public confidence in the dental profession remains high.’

ARF consultation

The GDC says it wants to be transparent about how it uses its resources and fees.

The health regulator claims there has been a 121% increase in complaints about dental care since 2010, which led to the GDC improving its complaints investigation process, which the ARF will be used to fund.

The GDC has said that based on the levels of complaints It expects to receive, it proposes the ARF remains the same as in 2015, but has asked you to have your say by visiting


  1. 1

    The registration fees are exorbitant especially for the likes of myself; I am not into operative dentistry and only work very occasionally when needed by a Clinical Dental Trials company.This year to date I have only earned £2600 and I have no work in hand for the remainder of this year. The GDC takes about one third of my earnings.

    • 2

      I have often said this. The ARF should also be set based on the amount and type of clinical dentistry you do, just like the indemnity companies do. If you work very little, your chances of a complaint to the GDC are much reduced also.

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