Ian Brack appointed as interim chief executive and registrar at the GDC

Ian Brack

Ian Brack has been appointed as interim chief executive and registrar at the GDC

Ian Brack has been appointed as interim chief executive and registrar of the General Dental Council (GDC).

He will join the organisation on 11 January 2016.

‘I am delighted to welcome Ian to the team and I am very confident he will make a telling contribution to the work of the GDC,’ chairman of the GDC, Dr William Moyes, said.

‘Having been at the Office for Legal Complaints and the Olympic Lottery Distributor, he is used to leading complex organisations.

‘Ian brings with him a wealth of experience as well as a commitment to making sure we continue to put patient and public protection at the heart of what we do.

‘While I welcome Ian’s appointment, I would like to pay tribute to Evlynne Gilvarry for her immense commitment and leadership during the past five years.

‘She has driven forward some very significant and necessary improvements – not an easy thing to achieve during periods of change – which will benefit the organisation for years to come.’

Ian was most recently interim chief executive at the Office for Legal Complaints. 

He also led the Olympic Lottery Distributor where he oversaw substantial grant expenditure, including the multi-million pound grant for the Paralympics.


  1. 1

    Ian Brack’s appointment represents yet another appointment of an administrator with absolutely no background in Dentistry. It is clear that lessons have not been learned following the damning PSA report and the GDC will soldier on regardless – regardless of the opinions of the Dental Profession, regardless of the opinions of the BDA and regardless of the opinions of the PSA.

    A lay GDC can never be acceptable to Dentistry and as such it can never be fit for purpose.

    A dental patient is entitled to care by the appropriate specialist. A restorative dentist for conservation, an endodontist for root canal therapy, an orthodontist for straightening teeth, a periodontist for gum disease and an oral surgeon for dental extraction and implants. They are also entitled to dental experts in the regulation of dentistry. In fact there is a statutory duty to regulate. And what do we get?

    A Chair who is a theoretical chemist and an interim registrar who is past director of the National Lottery.

    Well, dentistry needs something better than this. Public safety in Dentistry should not be a lottery, and with apologies to Ian Brack, this appointment is not what the doctor ordered.

  2. 2

    Hit the nail right on the head, Prof! This ‘organisation’ is clearly absolutely incapable of reforming itself, and needs abolishing and replacing. It is simply no good the politicians wringing their hands and pretending they can’t do anything as it’s a quango. If it needs primary legislation to abolish it, get on with it! An ARF strike (long overdue) would concentrate their minds.

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