Prime Minister challenged over lack of NHS dentists

NHS dentist

The Prime Minister was challenged recently over the lack of NHS dentistry in Bradford South

The Prime Minister has been challenged over the lack of NHS dentists in Bradford South at Prime Minister’s Questions recently.

Judith Cummins MP questioned David Cameron about the availability of NHS dentistry in her area, Bradford South, explaining that less than half of the children living in her area had seen a dentist in the last two years.

‘Forty six per cent of five-year-old children in Bradford suffer from tooth decay, compared with 28% across England, and less than half the children living in Bradford districts have seen a dentist in the last two years,’ Judith Cummins MP said.

‘Given the costs of treating tooth decay far exceed the costs of prevention, would the Prime Minister look at the lack of availability of NHS dentists, in Bradford South, as a matter of urgency.’

Queues around the block

The Prime Minister responded by pointing out that there had been a large increase in NHS dentistry.

He went on to remind Labour opponents about the ‘huge queues around the block’ for an NHS dentist when the Labour party was in government.

‘They may shake their heads but that is what happened – some of us can remember that,’ David Cameron said.

‘We have seen a big increase in NHS dentistry but I will look very carefully at the situation in Bradford,’ he concluded, speaking to Ms Cummins.


  1. 1

    BBC Look North will be doing a major news programme tonight at 6.30pm on England’s bad dental system and it’s rotten effects being even worse in Yorkshire !!!

    It’s time for Politicians and the Civil Servants who have been fudging these growing problems for years, to come out of Denial and start DOING the right things immediately !!!

    Or will they be found guilty of Supervised Neglect centrally, by effectively preventing prevention ???

    Yours still deeply concerned,

    Tony Kilcoyne.

  2. 2

    It is about time that Government pushed for water fluoridation which is the simplest and cheapest way to improve the dental health of children and adults. I live in NSW, Australia where 95% of the population have access to fluoridated water and it is accepted by the majority of people as an excellent way to keep our teeth healthy. We have known since the 1950s that fluoridation works. Fluoride heals early decay and makes the dental enamel more resistant to the acids that cause decay.
    Why do British children have to suffer because of political inertia?

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