Reusable dental instruments ‘don’t meet dentists’ needs’

reusable dental instruments

Sixty per cent of dentists think reusable dental instruments don’t meet their practice needs

Reusable dental instruments do not meet dentists’ needs, according to a new survey.

The survey, carried out by Robinson Healthcare, found that 60% of dentists believe reusable dental instruments do not meet their practice needs, despite 80% of respondents claiming they use them exclusively.

The main reason respondents gave for using reusable dental instruments was for cost efficiency, followed by infection prevention, convenience, patient and staff safety, and insufficient knowledge about the potential single-use alternatives.

Single-use alternatives

Half of respondents to the survey believed single-use dental instruments are too expensive to use in the practice.

A lack of information was the second biggest reason for not choosing single-use alternatives, with 20% of respondents reporting this issue, others referred to perceived poor quality (10%) and an adverse environmental impact (10%).

Ten per cent of respondents reported a lack of understanding about the total operating costs associated with re-usable instruments and half of them welcomed a free audit of their current costs to identify potential cost savings.

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    Reusable instruments need better designs for cleaning + efficient handle grips.

    The many difficult to clean recesses in densely-grooved handles is just one example of how 50 year old designs are still use for Instruments today!

    We need better joined up thinking and 21st century designs for modern dentistry.

    Disposables are fine for simpler work in very contaminated, bloody gums or dirty mouths etc, but NOT as good for finer or more detailed surgical work.
    This is evidenced by our medical colleagues doing Tonsillectomies where more complications and deaths resulted in changing back to reprocessed Surgical instruments, from Disposables!

    It’s time for industry to play catch-up and provide ‘better’ designed items for reprocessing and single-use too.

    Yours clearly,


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