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shutterstock_282537704Frank Taylor & Associates is delighted to announce that FTA Law will be operational in the dental market from 22 April 2016.

Specialising in working with dental clients to achieve their dream of dental practice ownership, deal with employment or HR issues and support owners with the sale of their practice when the time comes, FTA Law has been founded to bring together a combination of legal skills and commercial understanding, knowledge and experience of the dental sector.

Positive action

Following feedback from numerous disgruntled buyers and sellers and frustrating delays in the purchase/sale process, positive action was taken to create a new law firm that would specialise only in providing legal services to dentists and dental practice owners.   

This decision has resulted in a new venture between the directors at Frank Taylor & Associates, one of the UK’s most successful sales broker’s for the dental profession, and established, respected and effective dental specialist lawyers, Thomas Coates and Sarah Buxton.

Client focused service

Lis Hughes, managing director at Frank Taylor & Associates, commented: ‘The directors at Frank Taylor & Associates decided they need to bring their values of client focused service to the legal sector and the best way to achieve this was through the establishment of FTA Law. 

‘It has taken many months of careful planning to bring the right partners together and we were delighted when an agreement was reached with Thomas and Sarah who are both well established, respected and effective dental specialist lawyers.

‘It was important to both Sarah and Thomas that they continue to deliver their vision of providing services for their clients free from the constraints of the traditional legal practice model and we believe we have achieved this with our new venture.

‘We are all passionate about “doing things differently” and with our many combined values we look forward to working together as a group to continue to deliver outstanding customer services within the dental market.’

Shorten deal transaction times

FTA Law is committed to providing efficient and high levels of client legal services, whilst maintaining a commercial approach at all times, free from the stuffy, expensive and jargon-filled approach so often prevalent amongst the legal sector.

One of the key aims of FTA Law is to shorten deal transaction times and work with both purchasers and sellers to speed up the sales process and ensure satisfactory completions as efficiently and promptly as possible.

As part of the overall services offered by FTA Law there will be zero abort fees and fixed fees on the sale and purchase of practices, accompanied by a bespoke dental employment and HR service, advice on NHS and CQC matters, commercial property and lease advice, practice incorporations and the preparation of shareholders agreements, partnership agreements and expense sharing agreements.   

The FTA Law team will be available at the forthcoming Dentistry Show (stand D35), taking place 22-23 April 2016 at the NEC, Birmingham.


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    I refer to your article about FTA-law, published on the 29 Feb 2016. Please be advised that this article is misleading and should not be supported. The law Firm is not established for the benefit of the Dentists and the Dental Practices and to provide employment services for them. They have just initiated a case in employment law against a dentist and a dental practice.

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    Dear Paul,

    Whilst clearly I cannot comment on the circumstances of individual cases our Employment and HR Team have on at any one time, clearly we do receive instructions from across the dental sector including from dentists, practice owners and “Dental Practices”, which includes staff members (both employed and self-employed).

    Our professional obligations prevent us from turning down clients who wish to instruct us if we have the expertise to undertake their matter and by our very positioning in the sector a significant amount of our work is on the sales/purchase side and in providing advice on all manner of Employment and HR queries affecting practices. The article is therefore correct.

    We do not operate any “clinical negligence” type services nor would we ever seek to offer services with the intention of pursuing litigation of that type against dentists, practice owners or any other industry professional. We don’t offer those services and we never will.

    My colleague Sarah Buxton heads up our Employment and HR Team and Sarah has over the years established herself an enviable reputation in respect of any Employment and HR issues affecting dental practices. She is the legal advisor to ADAM (Association of Dental Administrators and Managers) as well as Bridge 2 Aid and she is as a regular contributor to the dental press and she provides an employment and HR service to a number of practices throughout England and Wales. Her reputation is therefore such that she receives instructions from across the dental industry.

    I do disagree that the article is misleading but if you or anyone else would like any further details of our professional affiliations and the services we provide to dentists, to practice owners and to dental practices then I’d be very happy to oblige.

    Thomas Coates
    Managing Director – FTA Law

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