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Total Proof Feb 2016Colgate has announced the launch of new Colgate Total Proof – a special toothpaste with colour-changing technology that turns blue in the mouth when used in toothbrushing. Colgate Total Proof will be available in store from March 2016.

The innovative formula of Colgate Total Proof toothpaste contains a colour-changing technology to reveal a blue colour during toothbrushing. This technology turns the white paste into a blue foam to motivate patients and encourage them to brush for longer.

The colour changing effect of the technology is optimal after two minutes of toothbrushing and this time period aligns with advice given in the Delivering better oral health guidance document published by Public Health England.

The importance of establishing a good oral hygiene routine was underlined by a study looking at the effect of brushing time on plaque removal, with manual and electric toothbrushes, over five different brushing times (30, 60, 120, 180 and 360 seconds). This study revealed an optimum plaque-removing efficiency at two minutes, with both manual and electric toothbrushes.

In addition, six further studies have clearly demonstrated the duration of toothbrushing is consistently correlated with the amount of plaque removed. One study demonstrated a plaque score reduction of 27% after toothbrushing one minute increasing to 41% after toothbrushing for two minutes.
New Colgate Total Proof toothpaste is a variant of the special Colgate Total toothpaste formulation that adheres to hard and soft tissues for whole mouth protection against plaque.

In addition to containing 1450ppm fluoride for cavity protection, Colgate Total toothpaste with sustained-release technology contains triclosan and copolymer to provide 12-hour antibacterial protection. References are available.

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    The new toothpaste you have been advertising Colgate total proof looked brilliant so I decided to get some when I next went shopping when I went to buy it I couldn’t belive my eyes when I saw that it was £4.00 for a tube ! What makes me so cross is that everyone has the right to look after their teeth but how can anyone justify paying that amount for a tube of toothpaste i just think it is wrong I have used Colgate toothpaste for as long as I can remember I am quite disappointed in a brand I love and trust so well

  2. 2

    It just got released here and at $4 it actually costs less than most others. Anything is better than the swill I’m using now anyway.

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