BDA welcomes breakthrough in junior doctors contract row


The BDA has welcomed news of a provisional contract agreement for hospital dentists – image courtesy of the BDA

The BDA has welcomed news of a provisional agreement between junior doctors and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Dentists employed in hospitals on the same terms as junior doctors have been participating, alongside their junior doctor colleagues, in industrial action and now British Dental Association (BDA) members will take part in a referendum to approve the new contract.

‘We have stood shoulder to shoulder with our medical colleagues to secure a contract that is both safe and fair,’ Peter Dyer, chair of the BDA’s Central Committee for Hospital Dental Services, said.

‘After constructive dialogue we now have the breakthrough both patients and practitioners required.

‘We now have a sound agreement and way to resolve this dispute.

‘We will now be looking to our members to have the final say.’

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    I wouldn’t broadly welcome it too much until you’ve read it. Looks like patients aren’t protected and a pay cut from where i’m viewing it.
    Do you think the BMA might accept it if the JD’s don’t reject it by a ‘big enough majority?’ I seem to remember something similar happening to dentists once?

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