Landmark antimicrobial resistance declaration signed

antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance declaration has been signed by 193 countries

A landmark declaration to rid the world of antimicrobial resistance superbugs has been signed by 193 countries.

The declaration has been welcomed by the British Dental Association (BDA), after studies showed many patients attend their GP for dental issues due to costs, and 57.1% of those patients are offered antibiotics as a stop gap to help with the symptoms.

Dentistry currently makes up 10% of all the antibiotics prescribed in the UK.

Antibiotic prescriptions

This agreement offers the promise of a breakthrough on what is an existential threat to global health,’ BDA chair, Mick Armstrong, said.

‘We have been determined to play our part in reducing antibiotic prescribing.

‘There are a whole range of fronts where we can secure progress.

‘Properly funded emergency slots, and removing the pressures that push patients to GPs, are just some of the measures that can bring down antibiotic prescribing.’

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    This sounds like a good idea but when we consider the extensive use of antibiotics/antimicrobials in farming we really have to be honest and accept that this is really the elephant in the room that needs addressing.


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