The simulator will allow patients to virtually ‘try’ surgical and non-surgical treatments
The simulator will allow patients to virtually ‘try’ surgical and non-surgical treatments

A new service has been launched for patients wanting to visualise the final results of cosmetic or aesthetic treatment before undertaking it.

Patient education website has launched a simulator tool called Visualisers, which is only available in the UK from the site, allowing patients to ‘try before they buy’.

The new simulator tool shows potential patients what the results of any treatment could look like – before they’ve even set foot inside a clinic. Whatever the aesthetic procedure they desire, the ‘before and after’ images can be created from the comfort of their own home on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

More than just a bit of fun, the Visualisers can simulate cosmetic surgical and non-surgical treatment outcomes with or without clothes. Users simply select treatment options, upload a current photo, enter their contact information and they receive a free digitally created ‘before and after’ photo by email within 24 hours.

The creators believe the technology educates patients about aesthetic options by enabling them to virtually ‘try’ surgical and non-surgical treatments for the face, breast, body, skin, teeth and hair.

The simulator is available exclusively on, a cosmetic treatment education website that aims to help patients become better informed before they opt for any treatment.

‘Aesthetic procedures are becoming mainstream in consumer consciousness. Yet many people who could benefit from treatment don’t because they simply can’t imagine how they’ll look afterwards, so don’t pursue it,’ says the website’s founder, Tim Molony.

‘With our aesthetic treatment Visualisers, people get a better understanding of what they could achieve before committing to the procedure. It’s simply an extension our aim to help consumers to make confident treatment decisions.’