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Michael Watson compares the General Medical Council with the General Dental Council. Read More

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Julian English introduces a new exciting UK dental association and talks to the executives at one of the association’s events. Read More

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Making a complaint

Michael Watson explains why the GDC's advertisement for patients to complain to the Dental Complaints Service isn't necessary. Read More

Chloe Bradbury talks about the consequences of not keeping your practice up-to-date with the latest digital technology. Read More

Geoff Newman describes his career as a principal and associate and some of the pitfalls he fell into. Read More


Boxing clever

Dentistry caught up with Arthif Daniel to find out about his two, polar opposite, passions. Read More

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Michael Watson takes a closer look at Public Health England's recommendations on sugar consumption. Read More

Shivana Anand talks us through seven steps she took to become more involved in the dental community. Read More

Michael Watson discusses a different approach to NHS dentistry that might help solve funding and quality problems. Read More