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Correcting and preventing back problems

Johanna Marttinen explains why it’s important to have the correct chair for your posture.

Are you stretching your back every now and then? How relaxed are your arms and shoulders? Or do you feel pain in your neck after a work day? A large number of people sit for long periods at work, at home and in their free time. According to Tim Hutchful from the British Chiropractic Association, people who spend a significant amount of time in a poor sitting position put twice as much weight on their spine compared to when they are standing.

Studies clearly show that dental professionals have increased risk of musculoskeletal symptoms. Most commonly these problems appear in the area of neck, shoulders and lower back (Kerosuo et al, 2000; Ayers et al, 2009; Razan et al, 2011). Especially for dental care professionals the posture becomes the most important occupational hazard, because many dental procedures require abnormal sitting postures for many hours using repetitive motions (Razan et al, 2011). In a large Lithuanian study it was shown that work tasks in dental care can cause severe health problems varying from fatigue and headaches to musculoskeletal complaints such as hand problems and back pain (Puriene et al, 2008).

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