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FMC's marathon man runs for charity

James Macdonald
FMC's James Macdonald will be putting his best foot forward in April to run the London Marathon and raise funds for Bridge2Aid

So, after two weeks of no running, football and any form of exertion (read into that what you will), I decided to go for a run new year’s eve; a run being a 3½ mile jaunt. Normally a breeze, this time however it was not the usual easy call. Yes, the route has hills, but the way in which I laboured round and stopped multiple times you would have thought, come the end of it, I had just completed a marathon. Oh wait, in just under four months this is what I will have to do, which works out as seven times the amount I ran on new year’s eve, FANTASTIC! I am generally quite a fit individual as I play a lot of football, but running fitness is a whole different bag.


On Christmas Eve, I always go to my local pub where I used to work and I only seem to be in their on Christmas Eve every year but you see the same faces from when I worked in there. One regular, Jim (when I say regular, he is in the pub every day) told me he had run the London Marathon in the time of 4 hours 20 minutes last year. Jim is quite a rotund man, but I was astounded by his time considering his drinking and shape, but he then told me he lost three stone in weight and was training three days a week with a running club. This is commitment and more than anything I now do not want to be at the pub Christmas Eve 2013 and telling Jim that he run a better time than me! I am 26 and Jim is 10 years older and a few stone heavier – I must beat his time!

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