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Handling allegations of bullying

Practice Plan and Peninsula Business Services discuss how allegations of bullying can be handled in the dental practice.

Most dental practices are a close-knit affair when it comes to the team and their working dynamic. Therefore, allegations of bullying within such a team can pose a big impact and highlight questions such as: how should I investigate an allegation of bullying? Is it appropriate to conduct interviews with the alleged bully and witnesses? Is this deemed a breach of confidence if the victim has asked me not to make things harder for them?

It is fundamental for a dental practice to be aware of how to deal with allegations of bullying effectively in order to avoid any ramifications, such as loss of morale and productivity within the dental team, or even employment tribunals and other court cases. Employers have a ‘duty of care’ towards employees and are responsible for preventing bullying within the workplace, being liable for any bullying experienced by their employees.

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