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Improvement of circulation increases working capacity

Johanna Marttinen, a student at the University of Eastern Finland, explains why sitting on a traditional seat could be bad for your health.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends exercising at least two-and-a-half hours per week, and preferably 30 minutes every day. Movement is crucial to our circulation – blood and lymph circulation and metabolism needs muscle movement to be able to fulfill the needs of our bodies. Prolonged sitting has several negative effects on our health: chronic back and neck pain, increased risk of cancer in the pelvic area when sitting more than seven hours per day, increased risk of death when sitting more than eight hours per day, etc (Tremblay et al, 2010 and van der Ploeg et al, 2012). Modern sedentary behaviour has severe negative impacts on vascular and metabolic health, which in turn causes sitting disorders (SD). Studies also show that sitting has negative impacts on health, even though one might be physically active in one’s leisure time. We should be active also during working hours and not just decrease the hours spent sitting.

Dangers of sitting to metabolism

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