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No more morning huddle!

Steven J Anderson explains why you should approach team meetings differently

For more than 20 years, I have taught the value of having a morning huddle. We’ve produced agendas. We’ve trained and retrained. We’ve spoken about it at seminars, workshops and on-site visits. Now, in what may sound like a contradictory move, we are officially banning the morning huddle. No more. Don’t do it. Save the time and save the hassle.

Here’s why…

What’s in a name? Sometimes, the title or name that we give things ends up taking on so much baggage it becomes difficult to remember the real meaning. Yes, teams huddle on the field, but it is a brief meeting where one person calls the play and everyone yells ‘break’. Well, dentistry isn’t football. In fact, the most effective teams we have worked with don’t have a morning huddle at all. They have transformed the ‘get together and call the play of the day’ morning huddle into something we have coined the ‘Morning Opportunity Meeting’ or MOM for short.

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