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Pelvic health in dental care

Mikko Pohjola describes some of the hazards associated with sitting at work and how a Salli Saddle chair can help.

The pelvic region is under pressure in all work that is undertaken while primarily sitting. This is also the case for dental care, where the work is mostly done seated, often in awkward and static postures (Wunderlich et al, 2010). The associated musculoskeletal problems, particularly in neck, shoulders and lower back, have been well recognised (eg, Kerosuo, Kerosuo and Kanerva, 2000; Ayers et al, 2009; Abdul Samat et al, 2011), and improved sitting position as well as increased physical activity during and off work have been proposed as solutions to the problems (Wunderlich et al, 2010; De Bruyne et al, 2014; Marttinen, 2014). However, the connections between occupational sitting and the health issues in the pelvic region have thus far received much less attention.

Health problems connected to sitting

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