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Raising the bar

David Worskett discusses improving the access to apprenticeships in dentistry.

Given David’s background in technology and healthcare, in 2012 he was invited to oversee the formation of the Association of Dental Groups (ADG) – a specialist trade association for corporate dental companies and dental groups. The ADG now consists of 10 members, all of whom have to meet strict membership criteria, which includes supporting the Government’s aim to improve high quality access to dental care, and ensuring the delivery of quality outcomes for patients in a sustainable, transparent and high quality manner.

‘One of the interesting things about the dental corporate and group model, is that these organisations are in a position to take part in worthwhile initiatives more efficiently and cost-effectively than a standalone practice can,’ says David. ‘This is partly because the organisations can centralise back office facilities, and insist on consistency across all of its practices. It can also take advantage of economies of scale that simply aren’t available to small or medium sized businesses.

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