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Reaching new heights

Dr Philip Greene, president of the BSP, reveals the organisation's aims and objectives

Periodontal disease is believed by some to be the fundamental dental disease in the UK. Dr Philip Greene, current president of the British Society of Periodontology (BSP), believes this, for two reasons. Primarily because of the important role the gums play in protecting the alveolar bone, but also because of the emerging evidence of relationships between periodontitis and our general health. Those who suffer from untreated periodontal diseases risk exacerbating diabetes, a higher incidence of cardiovascular diseases or even, perhaps, premature childbirth.

The BSP exists to spread awareness and lower the scary figures (at least one in 10 suffer from some form of gum disease), as Philip Greene says: ‘The BSP promotes awareness of periodontology among the public, the profession, the policy makers, the dental industry, and anyone who would like to know about periodontal health.’

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