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A shift in power

Nigel Jones discusses the growing concern that it is harder to hold onto patients as they begin to take command and shop around for a dental practice.

As someone who has spent much of his 24-year career immersed in the dental market, it is always with some trepidation that I reach for market reports in to the industry. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and perspective, but too often I find myself thinking that the authors have taken shortcuts in the production of their report and not bothered to properly understand the market on which they are commenting.

Such reservations do not apply to Philip Blackburn, the author of the 2014 Laing Buisson Dentistry UK Market Report that came out in April. His report is a very useful and thought-provoking analysis of the history, current state and possible future of the dental market. That’s not to say that I agree 100% with all aspects of the report but any differences are really a matter of interpretation rather than fundamental disagreements.

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