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Stressing out

Martin Kemp and Henry Edwards discuss the sources of work related stress among salaried primary care dentists in the UK.

This article reports on some of the results of a survey of UK salaried primary care dentists that took place in summer 2013 focusing on levels of job stressfulness and the sources of work-related stress.

In summer 2013, the BDA (British Dental Association) undertook a national survey of community and salaried primary dental care services to provide evidence for its submission to the Review Body on Doctors’ and Dentists’ Remuneration (DDRB) to support pay claims for dentists in the UK. The BDA presents written and oral evidence to the DDRB to help it keep up-to-date on recruitment, retention, motivation and changes in practice expenses in dentistry. Evidence is submitted on behalf of dentists in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in general dental practice and the salaried primary dental care service. 

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