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Dream big

The owners of Crown Dental Surgery share the secrets of their success. Back in 1992 Crown Dental Surgery, an NHS and private family practice in Southport, had a mere 400 patients. Today its patient list is nearer 10,000, mostly through word-of-mouth recommendations. So what is the secret of its success? Jackie Dunnings and Debbie Roberts,

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Its all about the education

Gaby Ugarte is the hygienist at a private practice in the Hertfordshire town of Potters Bar. The team at Selbourne Dental Surgery consists of two full-time dentists, one part-time dentist, Gaby, four dental nurses and two receptionists. The practice also employs specialists providing sedation treatments and implantology. Gaby sees her role as an essential component

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Oral-B unveils its power brush trial programme at the British Dental Conference and Exhibition 2014

For more than 60 years, Oral-B has continued to create oral care solutions to help dental professionals provide great products for their patients’ oral health. This year, at the annual British Dental Conference and Exhibition, Oral-B is introducing to dental professionals three of its latest advancements at the largest UK dental conference. Firstly, there’s the

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Powerhouse perio

My preventive ethos is simple, I encourage patients to attend regularly for reviews and spend time brushing well with the appropriate cleaning kit twice a day. The periodontium is the very foundation for teeth and it is important to have a strong and healthy foundation for a beautiful smile. Research shows that inflammatory diseases of

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Up to date prevention and knowledge

On 7 November 2013 a great, well earned supper was provided followed by two fantastic presentations. Hosted by Dr Stephen Hancocks, Professors Iain Chapple and Avijit Banerjee brought us up to date with the latest concepts in periodontal risk, oral health assessment and advances in technologies that complement minimally invasive dentistry. Professor Iain Chapple: A brave

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The butterfly effect

For many years, survey results have placed the dental health of the population in east Lancashire among the worst in Europe. But practice principal Shabs Patel and his team, at the multi award-winning Magicsmiles in Blackburn, are determined to change the fortunes of their local area. Shabs says: ‘We firmly believe all our work is

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A little more conversation

The team at the Lime Tree Dental Practice, based in Portishead in Bristol, is dedicated to empowering its patients to keep their teeth for life. The practice delivers high standards of dental treatment and support this with education on diet and oral hygiene. Nick says, ‘We offer a full range of oral hygiene products to

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Close contacts

Both practices in which I work are highly motivated when it comes to periodontal disease. Each practice has a team of three hygienists/therapists and most patients will come into contact with one of us through their patient journey. In this world of great expense, patients want their treatment to last and be as trouble free

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DOTS – Preventive Lines and the Big Picture

Top 5 tips for the young hygienist.   (1) Practice what you preach. Don’t forget that YOU are the standard so maintaining your own mouth is incredibly important. Be a role model for your patients, don’t breathe coffee breath on them. (2) Posture. Taking the time to make sure you are comfortable and sitting upright is essential