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Simple and cost effective management of the worn dentition

Dr Ian Buckle describes a simple and cost effective way to deal with tooth wear.

Tooth wear is an increasingly common problem in general dental practice. It causes aesthetic, functional, structural and biologic problems and is also often accompanied by a lack of space to restore the remaining dentition. Multiple teeth may also be affected creating two other problems to be dealt with: the occlusion often needs to be reorganised and treatment can be costly for the patient.

Traditionally many such cases were treated by conventional crown and bridge restoration. This not only involves considerable cost to the patient but also further removal of tooth structure from already compromised teeth. Research shows that 19% of crowned teeth will eventually develop a periapical problem and so a more preservative treatment may be sought. With the development of new materials and a desire to conserve tooth tissue, new techniques have been developed to restore the worn dentition.

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