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MBE for dentist

Consultant in Dental Public Health in Manchester honoured with an MBE

Dr Colette Bridgman, a consultant in Dental Public Health in Manchester, has been honoured with an MBE in the New Years' Honours List.

The only dentist to appear in this year's list, she received the honour in recognition of her services to dentistry and oral health.

She recently launched a 'Baby Teeth DO Matter’ in Rochdale, an initiative aiming to combat the high numbers of children with tooth decay throughout the region.

She explained: ‘This scheme is an opportunity for dentists to identify those people who do not understand the importance of good dental hygiene from a young age. Children who do not look after their teeth often experience difficulties and dental problems later in life.’

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Congratulations to Colette Bridgman. Colette Bridgman is one of those rare exceptional people who are always prepared to help everyone. On one occasion, Colette Bridgman gave superb advice to Warwick Dentistry in the University of Warwick with her excellent PCT/NHS knowledge -- and this was during her holidays! It is no surprise to me that Colette Bridgman has been awarded this honour. Well done. Edward Lynch, Head of Dentistry, University of Warwick.