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Advanced Defence Sensitive blocks 92% of dentine tubules in just 6 rinses 1 in vitro*

Johnson and Johnson is pleased to announce the launch of Advanced Defence Sensitive, the first in a range of expert daily mouthwashes created to treat specific oral care conditions.

Up to 69% of the population will experience sensitivity at some time. Indeed, patients with periodontal disease and/or its treatment have even higher prevalence with up to 98% experiencing sensitivity2.

The condition can impact negatively on patient’s lives with over 70% modifying their eating, to their oral care, with more than 1 in 2 changing how they brush their teeth in attempt to avoid the pain3. This change in oral care, with some sufferers avoiding the dentist all together can increase the risk of dental complications in patients4.

It is widely accepted that sensitivity pain arises from exposed dentine tubules in response to everyday stimuli 5 such as cold drinks. Compared with non-sensitive teeth, dentine tubules in sensitive teeth are 8x greater in number and 2x larger in diameter5. Combining these 2 factors, the fluid flow in sensitive teeth may be 100 times greater than in non-sensitive teeth5.

Therefore, effective and robust blocking of dentine tubules offers the greatest prospect for lasting relief of dentine hypersensitivity6.

"In particular, materials which can coat exposed dentin surfaces, in addition to plugging and sealing open dentin tubules, offer the intriguing prospect of strengthening dentin and rendering it less susceptible to predisposing factors, while concurrently reducing dentin hypersensitivity" 6.

Introducing Advanced Defence Sensitive, a twice daily mouthwash built on potassium oxalate crystal technology

Potassium oxalate binds to calcium in the saliva and crystals are formed. The crystals are deposited on the dentine and deep inside the exposed open tubules, and they build with every rinse to provide deep, stable and comprehensive tubule occlusion.

The result is impressive - LISTERINE® Advanced Defence Sensitive blocks 92% of dentine tubules in just 6 rinses1 in vitro*

Recommend patients use it alone for lasting protection 7, or in combination with the most recommended paste from the leading sensitivity brand, to significantly increase the number of tubules the paste blocks in vitro8, 9.

Advanced Defence Sensitive helps patients work in partnership with their dental team, to improve their sensitivity and oral care between appointments.

With the arrival of Advanced Defence Sensitive mouthwash, Johnson and Johnson is looking forward to working closely with dental professionals to deliver advanced treatment outcomes for patients.

For further information on Listerine Advanced Defence Sensitive, please contact Johnson & Johnson on 0800 328 0750.

* based on percentage hydraulic conductance reduction

NB: Do not recommend this product if patients have a history of kidney disease, hyperoxaluria, kidney stones or malabsorption syndrome, or take high doses of vitamin C (1000mg or more per day).

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