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Dentists slam direct access decision

Dentists’ representatives from across the UK have condemned the GDC decision to permit direct access to dental hygienists and therapists

A meeting of the British Dental Association’s (BDA’s) General Dental Practice Committee (GDPC) on Friday 10 May voted unanimously in favour of the motion: 'The General Dental Practice Committee condemns the flawed decision making process and subsequent decision of the General Dental Council to introduce direct access on the basis that its decision fails to protect patients.'
The General Dental Practice Committee is made up of more than 60 dentists from across the UK. Its members are elected by local practitioners.
GDPC chair Dr John Milne said: 'By voting unanimously in favour of this motion, GDPC members have sent a clear signal about their view on the GDC’s recent decision.

'The debate which preceded the vote saw expressions of deep concern for patients and palpable anger at both the GDC’s failure to properly consider the evidence for the change and the haste of its implementation.
'The Council’s decision fails to promote the concept and value of the dental team, which we believe is integral to the delivery of safe, high-quality care for patients. In failing to do so, it is misguided.'

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I feel this ruling by the GDC will cause a multitude of problems due to the limitations of a Dental Therapists Treatment options. How many times do we provide a direct restoration which seems ok then the patient returns with a pulpitis and RCT or extraction are the only way to solve the problem. If a Therapist has provided a restoration of this nature and a problem occurs who sorts it out ? What happens to the patient charge etc? Are we going to be the ones accepting referrals from Therapists for further treatment which is beyond their scope of practice? A bemused BDS