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London dental nurse struck off for fraud

A dental nurse has been struck off or using a credit card machine to transfer money from practice’s account to her personal account

The allegations against Linda Alyson Fernandes were heard by the GDC’s Professional Conduct Committee.

The charge she faced was that on or about 14 August 2012 she was convicted of six counts of fraud by false representation, contrary to Sections 1 and 2 of the Fraud Act 2006.

Details of the court case revealed that between January and May 2012, Ms Fernandes used a spare set of keys for the Aqua Dental Spa in Manchester Square in London to enter the premises without authorisation in order to use a credit card machine to transfer money from the practice’s account to her own personal account.

Through this and other methods she fraudulently obtained money from the Practice totalling a sum of at least £3,382.00.

In making its decision the Committee noted that: 'The fraud Ms Fernandes committed breached one of the fundamental tenets of the profession. It is of paramount importance that all registered dental professionals are trustworthy in order to maintain the public’s confidence in the profession as a whole. Her dishonest conduct was deliberate and it occurred on several occasions over a sustained period of time. The Committee noted the sophistication of her methods and considered the high level of premeditation that must have been required for her to carry out the crimes. This included retaining a set of keys that should not have been in her possession, entering into the Practice "out of hours" and designing methods for transferring money which were not immediately detectable.'

Unless Ms Fernandes exercises her right of appeal, her name will be struck off the register in 28 days’ time.

More details can be found on the GDC’s website.

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It is a pity. I remember my nurse once disappeared from work, never to be heard of again. I was a bit worried as she was going out with a Romany traveller but sleeping with his friend as well. It transpired about 3 months later that there was £800 transferred out of my account in a similar fashion. I never pursued it as I did not know what had happened to her. I wish I had now!
Very sad when this happens. She has breached the trust of her employers, and will have to suffer the consequences.