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Serious concern expressed over GDC advertisement

Denplan has expressed serious concern over the recent GDC advertisement in the Daily Telegraph.

Denplan has complained to the chair of the General Dental Council (GDC) following the publication of a full-page advertisement in the Daily Telegraph inviting private dental patients to report to the profession’s regulator if they are 'not completely happy' with their care.

In a letter to the chair, Denplan notes that it has worked in the past with the GDC to help design and train its Dental Complaints Service (DCS), which deals with complaints in the private sector.

For many years before the DCS was established in 2006, Denplan operated the only mediation service for private dental patients.

The GDC requires all dentists – whether NHS or private – to have an effective and responsive in-practice complaints mechanism.

By inciting patients to complain to it directly, the GDC is effectively by-passing a swift and highly efficacious method of resolving any complaints.

Denplan fully supports patients’ rights to receive high quality oral care and to a swift and full response to any concerns.

It has received a number of highly concerned messages from amongst its dentist membership and is aware of significant disquiet amongst the profession about the appearance of this advertisement, which will do little to inspire the confidence of the dental profession or their patients.

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