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Communicating to grow

Simon Reynolds of Patient Plan Direct suggests key communicational tactics to nurture growth of a healthy base of private payment plan patients Irrespective of the


Understanding risk = happiness

Are you risk averse or like to take a gamble? As dentists are put under more and more pressure to perform, Simon Hocken says being


Keeping the customer satisfied

Jo Mooney, customer service manager at DPAS Dental Plans, looks at the importance of listening to and acting on customer feedback. Focusing on the care

John’s move to Denplan

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Principal dentist, John, shares his experience with Denplan. For more information visit

Student Voice conference
Hawth Theatre, Crawley

Colourful and creative

Not your conventional dentist, Dr Shiraz Khan has a persona of uniqueness and individuality. Versha Miyanger speaks to one of the profession’s most colourful characters

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Go limited and save on tax

What are the advantages of becoming a limited company? David Anderson explains the facts From little acorns grow large oak trees and so it is


Rules of engagement

Managing director of Milkshake Dental Marketing, Barbara Hutchinson, makes sense of what can be a marketing minefield. Marketing to new and current patients is now

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Time to step-up

Vision and focus is paramount when setting up a new dental practice and the need to be thorough is vital, says practice manager Sukriti KC

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Are you an enabler or a blocker?

Practice Plan’s Amy D’Arcy-Burt asks, when it comes to your dental practice – are you standing in the way of progress? Over the years there