As part of its commitment to education, Henry Schein Minerva Dental has been providing undergraduate courses to students at King’s College London Dental Institute and the University of Bristol. These courses have been well received, as are increasingly aware of the need to provide students with business, as well as clinical, skills.

Putting hi-tech dentistry on the syllabus, Henry Schein Minerva Dental has been running ‘Introduction to laser dentistry’, ‘Understanding patient behaviour’ and ‘Introduction to suppliers and manufacturers’ courses at King’s College London Dental Institute for two years for year five students; and has just begun to work with the University of Bristol’s year three and four students.

Amanda Notman, special markets manager at Henry Schein Minerva Dental, and author of the ‘Introduction to suppliers and manufacturers’ course, also puts the success of the courses down to more students realising that they need to possess better business skills.

During the ‘Introduction to suppliers and manufacturers’ course, Amanda also introduces students to trade and manufacturing; helping with purchasing decisions and capital equipment, and familiarising students with the importance of strong trade partnerships in their careers, as this will benefit them in a number of ways. Furthermore, Amanda hopes there will be an opportunity to introduce students to Cerec and practice management solutions in the near future.

Explaining how this project is very much an educational, and not a commercial, standpoint for the company, Amanda said, 'We are the best placed distributor with a wide overview of the whole industry, making us perfectly placed to offer this educational support to the next generation of dental professionals.'

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