In this fast-paced world, an online resource is the best way to instantly find information. is Oral-B and Fixodent’s biggest online resource serving the needs of dental professionals for 15 years-plus in different parts of the world.

On average, more than 50,000 dental professionals use this website every month.
After extensive redesign and redevelopment, Oral-B is now launching in the UK with UK-specific material. Developed by dental professionals for dental professionals, the new website has been designed to provide intuitive, easy access to a wealth of resources relevant to every aspect of UK dentistry. is a complete online platform where dental professionals can find all the resources they need to help them in every practice. 

All in one place, dental professionals can keep up to date with the very latest UK industry news and events, Oral-B product innovations and launches, and order both Oral-B and Fixodent samples. 

Access to Oral-B’s continuous professional development (CPD) courses together with interactive educational webinars is provided alongside high quality, comprehensive patient education, including videos on a huge range of oral health topics and leaflets to download. 

Together with tips and advice on working in practice and a database of more than 600 research articles at your fingertips, is the one stop shop for every informed dental professional team. helps dental professionals provide exceptional oral care to motivate patients. 

Your patients hope to maintain good oral health for life. With your guidance and recommendation they can gain a more decisive control over their oral health. 

Using is one means by which Oral-B aims to support you in your endeavour.

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