Dentistry guide to protecting the future of your practice
Check out Dentistry’s guide to protecting the future of your practice

Dentistry and Denplan have joined forces to release a new guide aiming to help those thinking of moving from NHS to private practice.

The guide, titled ‘Dentistry’s guide to protecting the future of your practice, is available to download free of charge by clicking here.

This guide contains valuable insights from leading figures around the dental industry, covering everything from NHS dental reform to reasons why other dentists have made a change to private practice, it also includes a step by step guide to your private practice options.

‘To say the future of NHS dentistry is uncertain would be something of an understatement,’ said Julian English, editor of Dentistry magazine.

‘Practice owners with a significant NHS element in their business are therefore faced with a dilemma – how should they prepare for the future?

‘Going private is naturally a big step, and most likely one that hasn’t been fully considered by many.

‘In this supplement, produced in association with Denplan, Dentistry magazine will aim to clear the muddied waters, with input from key opinion leaders, from Denplan and from those that have made the move into private practice using some of the different routes available.’

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