Dentistry has been found to be the fourth most successful business to startup since 2014

Dentistry is one of the most successful businesses to start in the UK, according to a recent survey.

After 2014 broke records with 581,173 new businesses starting up, Vonage looked into how many businesses were still running, creating a heatmap to show the results.

The survey also found the most successful industries for startup success, with dentistry coming in fourth on the list.

Most successful startup industries (UK-wide, 2014)

  1. Nursing homes (91.4% success)
  2. Road freight services (90.9% success)
  3. GP services (90.1% success)
  4. Dentistry (90.0% success)
  5. Engineering design activities (89.7% success).

Least successful startup industries (UK-wide, 2014)

  1. External building cleaning (77.9% survival)
  2. Film production (78.2% survival)
  3. Recruitment agency (78.3% survival)
  4. Sports activities (78.9% survival)
  5. Art and design (79.3% survival).

You can access the heatmap by visiting