Minimally traumatic and minimally invasive restorations

The revolutionary Clark Matrix System provides the first tools and techniques that truly deliver on the promise of modern composites: minimally traumatic and minimally invasive restorations tailored to every tooth.

Dr David Clark has changed the course of dental composites by bringing new dimensions to aesthetics and function through cutting edge procedural advances.

About the Complete Kit

The Complete Kit offers everything you need for restorative composite dentistry as well as aesthetic treatments including diastema closure and black triangle closure, class ll, lll and lV composite restorations.

It includes all of the Clark Matrix sectional Matrices for anterior and posterior composites.

The kit also contains three wedging options; Diamond Wedges that will add to the anatomical shaping of the composite; Soft Wooden Wedges that create the tightest gingival seal without creating black triangles; and the Interproximator with its anatomic, translucent silicone state that separates teeth, creating a strong contact.

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Dr. David Clark’s Matrix system is indeed a revolutionary technique. The kit provides all necessary equipment’s required for the treatment. Easily recommendable to all!

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