Are you proud to be a hygienist/therapist?

Oral-B explains why you should be proud to be a hygienist/therapist.

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I find this short clip so under represents what we do. So middle-class. What about those pts we truly put a smile on their face, build confidence in their journey in life from the ravages of drugs, those with complex medical and learning difficulties where oral health is a challenge.

Demeaning ! I’m a therapist and have worked in Community dentistry for 37 years! Not once have I taught a child how to brush their teeth using a toy! I’ve been there with an air rotor drilling and filling teeth, extracting teeth, doing the full remit of my duties! Working with a nurse ( who btw does the OHI, takes radiographs as well as assisting chairside). This twee video is utter rubbish and does not in anyway represent the work a therapist does!

I too have worked in a community setting where the nurses who have an Oral Health Educator’s certificate teach patients about teeth cleaning.
The only time I have used a ‘toy’ is to a group of nursery school children.
The role of the hygienist is far more clinical than this with further appropriate education and prevention prior to assessment and treatment of periodontal disease for the patients’ oral and general health
The training is a lot more in depth than that of an oral health educator or nurse and that is why I trained to be a hygienist.

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