Many dental practices are falling behind when it comes to promoting their online presence

Practice owners often fail to understand how branding builds a business or realise that even the most attractive of websites needs nurturing. Also, copy on the site might not engage, the site’s mobile experience could be poor and, most sadly, the business may have been led down the wrong path by ‘experts’.

An online presence future proofs a dental practice by bringing in an additional flow of options

Often, clients who are buying new practices show me the website of the practice they are purchasing. I am able to tell them if the domain name and ‘reputation’ of the domain is valuable. This tells me that, even at time of ‘exit’ if such a time comes, the online presence of a practice can also add value to the sale.

Marketing for dentists is unlike marketing for any other business owners

There is a requirement to have a deep understanding of the profession, a need to have an awareness of treatment modalities, equipment and various roles within the team, plus knowledge of the expectations of the various agencies that regulate dentistry.

The tone of copy for a dental practice requires a certain delicacy – a ‘hard sell’ approach is never acceptable

Digimax Dental will effectively apply branding concepts to a practice’s identity – in essence, success lies in how a practice makes patients feel about themselves. Every effort is therefore made to tailor marketing to a practice’s specific profile. No two marketing campaigns are ever the same!

Digimax Dental is a dental design and marketing company that infuses its vast experience working with other industries to create solutions for dental businesses

With beautiful, powerful and unique designs – backed with proven marketing principles – the team uses digital marketing to raise the profile of a dental practice and help it grow.

We offer more than just good-looking websites

Our design work is designed to be beautiful as ‘standard’. Great design is about psychology, typography, imagery and clever message organisation geared to sell you as a practice and make you stand out. As a full-service agency, Digimax Dental offers clients easy access to:

  • Cutting-edge designs
  • Effective branding
  • On-going marketing campaigns
  • Well-functioning websites
  • SEO expertise to ensure high Google rankings
  • A range of printing options.

We have no bronze, gold or silver model – we have one price that gives clients exactly what they need for a stunning website

Each client gets the very best out of us and we don’t need to pull out a calculator to total up all the bells and whistles – it’s unfair. Why should a designer give you less, when they can easily give you their all to make you as successful as possible? Isn’t business more about relationships than billing? For us, it certainly is.

We believe in comprehensive and detailed communications and the value they can bring to the success of every project

Our Client Proofing System, which allows you immediate access to review your project’s progress from beginning to successful completion. We have also recently launched Dentaldeposits, a way our clients can take refundable deposits for free patient consultations.

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