Oh, what a circus!

The GDC is showing little common sense with the Gordon Pate case, Alun Rees says.

Every registrant present and past should know how their hard earned cash is being spent.

Gordon Pate is a retired dentist.

His career is complete, his practice sold and any desire to carry on working long gone.

An outspoken individual, he has never hesitated to share his views on politics, dentistry and anything else that takes his fancy.

As such, he is well suited to the modern world of social media, where keyboard warriors are free to let rip when and wherever they see fit.

For the sake of clarity, I am neither a friend of Gordon nor a sympathiser with those opinions that have led to GDC involvement.

But I do agree with Evelyn Beatrice Hall when she said: ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’

Common sense

In mid-2017, Gordon was a regular and occasionally inflammatory contributor to an online forum.

He made comments that inflamed one reader (another dentist) so much that this individual reported Gordon to the police.

The Metropolitan Police has concluded that no law has been broken and there is no criminal case for him to answer.

The matter should be closed unless the complainant wishes to bring an action of some sort through the civil courts.

Now the complainant has gone to the GDC and it is bringing action against Gordon.

The hearing will probably take four days.

It is a non-clinical case so his defence union have declined to defend him.

His estimated costs will be in excess of £10K.

Registrants will pay the GDCs costs.

The ultimate sanction will be to remove him from the register, from which he has already resigned.

Voltaire wrote: ‘Common sense is not so common’.

Bill Moyes’ circus exhibits little or none and should be held accountable.

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This 4 day hearing took place at the end of May and the GDC handed down a 4 month suspension…to a retired Dentist!! It’s difficult to imagine just how the GDC could have contrived to make itself look more idiotic.
One of the more fascinating features of the case is the disciplinary history of the complaining Dentist. He also had a 4 month suspension in 2009 in rather less questionable circumstances.
How the wording of the GDC accusations is selectively taken from the Posts of Mr Pate on the discussion forum, is even more interesting. Like the author of this piece, I totally disagree with the views expressed by Mr Pate on the Forum. However the actions of the complainant and especially those of the GDC are infinitely more disturbing. In this particular circumstance the position taken by the Police is perfectly summed up as showing common sense!! Now that pretty much demonstrates just what total idiots the GDC are. By the way I also retired in December 2018. So the GDC fools cant touch me!!

The GDC is no different from the no win no fee lawyers who are out there to rip off the profession. This has been proved time and again. It is a farce now.

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