Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2019: the winners!

Who makes the fairest smiles of all? Easy: these talented clinicians, who earned their trophies – and spot in the limelight – at this year’s ever-glittering Aesthetic Dentistry Awards ceremony.

The Aesthetic Dentistry Awards are more than just trophies: they are a stamp of quality, a mark of utmost approval.

They are earned through blood, sweat, tears, and astounding dentistry – as the big screens highlighting winners’ clinical work proved when the victors climbed the steps to the stage to collect their awards.

Every year, the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards mark another resounding celebration of the clinical excellence being performed in the UK, and the 2019 ceremony was up there with the best.

Held at the awards’ spiritual home of the Landmark Hotel in London, the evening welcomed hundreds of dentists to mark the event – and mark it they did, celebrating late into the night as the profession’s great and good rubbed shoulders and set the world to rights.

The accolades fell to a host of talented clinicians but none more than to Thomas Sealey, who was showered with praise by the judges.

Thomas triumphed in a series of categories, eventually seeing him named Aesthetic Dentist of the Year 2019, while his practice, Start Smiling in Essex, was crowned Best Aesthetic Practice UK.

The awards will return in 2020, bigger and better than ever.

Keep reading for the full details, but for now, simply read on for the full list of winners and pictures from a ceremony that was a night to remember for all the right reasons!

Winners list 2019

Patient Choice Award – E11even Dental

Orthodontics: Child/Teenager Fixed – Stephen Murray

Orthodontics: Adult Fixed – Shivani Patel

Orthodontics: Removable – Thomas Sealey

Orthodontics: Invisalign – Melina Paschali

Restorative: Single Tooth Composite – Amerjote Bansal

Restorative: Single Tooth Ceramic – Luke Hutchings

Restorative: Resin Infiltration Microabrasion – Shiraz Khan

Restorative: Dentures (Full/Partial) – Thomas Sealey and Alan Broom

Restorative: Full Mouth Rehabilitation – Ken Harris, Pedro Laranjeira & Fatima Carvalho

Tooth Whitening – Peta Leigh

Interdisciplinary Team: Orthodontic-Surgical – Stephen Murray and Prof Leo Stassen

Interdisciplinary Team: Orthodontic-Restorative – Paul Williams, Martin Whelan and Neil Coleman

Restorative: Composite Smile Makeover – Thomas Sealey

Restorative: Ceramic Smile Makeover – Richard Lee and Khristo Ivanov

Implant: Multiple – Marcus Gambroudes and Marc Northover

Implant: Single Tooth – David Furze, Ashley Byrne and Kirsten Kress

Facial Aesthetics: Botulinum Toxin – Sheila Nguyen

Facial Aesthetics: Dermal Filler Peri-Oral – Bharat Patel

Facial Aesthetics: Full Facial Treatment – Amy Hills

Facial Aesthetics: Full Facial Treatment (Thread Lift) – Sheila Nguyen

Facial Aesthetics: Skin Rejuvenation – Amy Hills

Best Aesthetic Practice (UK) – Start Smiling

Best Aesthetic Practice (Ireland) – Swords Orthodontics

Best Aesthetic Dentist – Thomas Sealey.

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