GDC proposes decrease in ARF for dentists but increase for dental care professionals


The GDC is proposing decreasing the Annual Retention Fee (ARF) for dentists, with a small increase for dental care professionals.

Launched in its consultation – Working with the dental team for public safety and confidence – the GDC proposes:

  • An ARF drop of £150 to around £740 for dentists
  • An ARF increase of around £4 to £120 for dental care professionals.

‘The GDC is committed to changing the regulatory landscape,’ explains Ian Brack, GDC chief executive and registrar.

‘This is for the reasons we identified in Shifting the balance.

‘The priorities we identified in that document remain at the core of our ambition for the next three years.’

Delivering objectives

The consultation seeks views about how the GDC should deliver its broad statutory objectives.

The strategy sets out a vision for the GDC to:

  • Protect patients while being fair to registrants, cost-effective and proportionate
  • Work with the professions and partners to ensure public concerns can be addressed by the right body
  • Use evidence, research and evaluation to ensure enforcement is cost-effective and right-touch
  • Ensure its approach to regulation keeps pace with change.

‘I hope this opportunity is taken up and as many people as possible give their views,’ Mr Brack adds.

The consultation is open now and can be accessed on the GDC’s website.

The deadline to respond is Thursday 30 July 2019.

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Comments (2)

I see no reason to increase the GDC fee.
However I agree with the decrease for dentists.

DCPs also have to pay for indemnity and the reason for being registered was to make us professional and increase our wage.
Quite frankly it has not changed a thing many DCPs are still paid minimum wage! To increase their registration fee by any amount is a kick in the teeth.

This is an absolute disgrace, the arf should be well below £500. The gdc is not fit for purpose, the bda not fit to challenge it and the profession must make a stand.

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