50 years of the British Fluoridation Society

Alan Johnson, a leading advocate of water fluoridation and a former health secretary spoke at a dinner in Edgbaston this week and paid tribute to the British Fluoridation Society (BFS)

Alan (pictured centre) congratulated the Society on its half centenary before giving a detailed update on the work underway in his former Hull constituency to enable a public consultation which could pave the way for implementation of  Community Water Fluoridation.

He said the work of the dental community had been ‘inspirational’ and he committed himself to supporting the cause all the way to the end.

Alan is pictured with some of the BFS executive (l-r), Dr John Beal, Professor Mike Lennon, BFS chairman Steve Bedser and John Charlton, all members of the BFS executive committee.

The British Fluoridation Society was founded in 1969 to work for improved dental health in the UK through the introduction of water fluoridation schemes.


The British Fluoridation Society

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Alan Johnson is deluding himself. He has already been told that Water Fluoridation (WF) does not give “poor kids rich kids’ teeth “ as proven by the York Review (2000) and by the Cochrane Collaboration (2015). He has already been told that only topical fluoride possibly reduces dental decay. He is unwilling to understand that poor children are nutritionally challenged and are more likely to experience dental decay but that adding a developmental neurotoxin to drinking water will weaken them even more as well as causing dental fluorosis. Fluoride does NOT improve overall general health and since it prevents magnesium and calcium being bioavailable, the health of disadvantaged children is subtly compromised.
Clearly, the message has not travelled from PHE to the BFS and to Alan Johnson that WF as practised by the fluoridating water companies is not compatible with UK Law. That is, every drop of hexafluorosilicic acid added to treated water adds an impurity – a compound of fluorine which is NOT permitted in the Water Industry Act 1991, s.87. Any Local Authority Councillor who dares to propose WF for his or her constituents needs to be made aware that they are failing in their duty of care. Moreover, the compound of fluorine which is not permitted is a Reportable Poison.
Before proceeding to make Hull’s Constituents angry about the proposal, those who propose ignoring the law should take a step back and ask whether it’s wise to adulterate drinking water with an ‘impurity’ which, by definition, renders the water to which it is added, impure, and therefore not potable and therefore not something which the Drinking Water Inspectorate should allow.

The late Paul Castle was the inspiration for the U.S. American Fluoridation Society. Dr. Johnny Johnson of Palm Harbor, FL befriended Mr. Castle when he vacationed in Florida.

As a result, Dr. Johnson sought out 4 other individuals who were passionate about fluoridation, and the AFS was set up as a non-profit organization.

Although I never met Paul, he had great insight and, especially, a great sense of humor. I am so disappointed that I never met him in person.

I am a pharmacist. As there is no essential metabolic function in the human body whatsoever mediated by fluoride and as there is now peer reviewed research indicating an excess of osteosarcomas in young men growing up in fluoridated areas, its about time dentists stopped pursuing this discredited, dangerous and divisive “strategy” and started devising means of addressing this problem by more effective and better tragetted means which all health professionals can support.

Incidentally the American Dental Association which endorses fluoridation recommends that baby formula for children under 6 months should not be made with your magic water. Any future fluoridation scheme should include some way of supplying pure water to families with young infants. As if…

I don’t really understand the criteria for these comment thingys. Why didn’t these big fans of science want my comment, with its mixture of wider context and real patient/victim, intruding into their birthday bash?

So I tried to see the difference between your comment, which was allowed, and mine.

Perhaps pro and anti must take turns? You express an opinion. So that’s allowed.

Whereas my mix of undisputed historical fact and personal experience, up to the latest developments re fluorosis and mtDNA, was spirited away by dentistry.co.uk and has joined the many ghosts of Trinity Mirror media’s Jpegs Against #Fluorothink at https://twitter.com/turizemptuj/status/1153354840577368064.

Probably an editorial decision to remain as myopic as possible and, most importantly, not to look like groupthink twats. The best way for these slickers to do that is to cease their groupthink twattery and stop trying to fluoridate geraniums.

Study fluorothink at http://www.nfl.si/foi100001

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