The ZEPF Drop-Control Blade Holder combines the design of the regular blade holder 46.007.00 with a new and revolutionary function.

With reference to the mechanism of a ball pen, the blade will be dropped off by pushing the button at the end.

The object of this development was a simplified application with the same diameter of the blade holder.

Therefore there is no need to adapt to a new application/ergonomics for our regular blade holder.

The ZEPF Drop-Control Blade Holder perfectly fits into the ZEPF Design product range for surgery, implantology and microsurgery thanks to its diameter, design and ergonomics.

By pressing the button at the end of the blade holder the mechanism which lifts the blade is triggered off.

The blade is pushed forward so that it falls safely and controlled in a tray or cup.

Afterwards the one-hand ejection function moves back in its initial position and after cleaning and sterilisation you can insert a new blade – as usual.

The advantage lies in the fact that the used blade can be removed in a safe and controllable way in order to prevent a contaminated injury or infection.

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