GDC announces new appointments on its executive team

GDCThe General Dental Council (GDC) is announcing two new members to join its executive team.

Sarah Keyes will become the new executive director, organisational development.

And finally, Stefan Czerniawski will become the new executive director, strategy.

‘We are delighted to welcome Sarah and Stefan to the GDC,’ chief executive and registrar, Ian Brack, said.

‘As we approach 2020 and the beginning of our new three-year strategy, this is a crucial time in the organisation’s development.

‘I look forward to working with the executive team and wider colleagues in achieving our goals.’

Remits within the GDC

Ms Keyes comes with a background in regulatory organisations, most recently as director of Organisations for Change at Ofcom.

Her remit will be for the regulator’s human resources, people development and inclusion functions.

Furthermore, Mr Czerniawski comes from a career in the civil service, with a background at the Department for Work and Pensions.

He will head up the strategy directorate, which covers policy development, education quality assurance, communications and engagement.

Under fire

The GDC is under fire at the moment after accusations of attempting to ‘trick dentists’ into wrong doing.

Concerns in particular stem from a 2016 case where a dental technician was subject of an anonymous complaint to the regulator.

Two months afterwards, the General Dental Council (GDC) instructed an under-guise operation where two private investigators attempted to lure the dental technician into doing something against his better judgement on compassionate grounds.

‘In order to fulfil its statutory function, namely the protection of the public, the GDC investigates complaints or information received in respect of a registrant’s fitness to practise,’ a spokesperson for the GDC told

‘There are number of methods open to us in pursuit of this.

‘This includes the use of external investigators, however this approach is one that used in exceptional circumstances.

‘The GDC has a legal duty to investigate fitness to practise concerns.

‘This is an option we may exercise where we are unable to rely on evidence from an informant.

‘For example where information which represents a potential danger to the public is sent to us anonymously.

‘And where no alternate route is open.’

Comments (1)

Welcome to the new GDC executive members and I hope they quickly realise that Dentists and their Teams are not the problem, they are the solution to patient safety, high standards of care and future improvements too.

A regulator simply cannot work in the public interest if it has lost the confidence of those whom it regulates and sadly, since diluting the number of Professional members of the GDC it is difficult for us to regard ourselves as a ‘self-regulating’ Profession when there are SO many GDC issues, from frivilous or Catastrophised FtP charges to obscenely high ARF which it took 5 years too many to be reduced, starting in 2020.

It will be really interesting for our new GDC executives to read the latest GDC consultation’s feedback from Dental Registrants – I predict it will NOT make for happy reading and hopefully they’ll get to read the ‘raw’ feedback in full, not the sanitised abstract overview eventually published publicly.

Last but not least, it is my belief that if there was a DENTIST as Chair of the GDC, there is NO WAY the GDC would be relatively silent and apparently inactive/disinterested about our deep concerns regarding the public threats to Health & Safety posed by so many Illegal Whiteners and now huge Online firms promoting Orthodontic appliances without a face to face Dentist examination & assessment done comprehensively.

With a Dentist at the helm, we know the GDC’s No.1 role of Public Protection would have had urgent priority, preventing potential harm to thousands and thousands of the public upon a NATIONAL scale from certain companies as each month passes by.
But instead we have just silence from the GDC and the public therefore think it must be Safe etc – it’s as if the GDC don’t exist, whilst the illegals or real manipulators bypass our high regulatory standards and accountability at a frightening pace.

I hope our new GDC additions help the current GDC see this huge ‘blindness’ they appear to be suffering from and now realise, what is BAD for Dentists and their Teams, is BAD for the Public too!

It’s time for the GDC to step up to the Public Protection plate properly and assertively, or frankly they may as well step aside. Thise with responsibility need to respond as far as the Dentist’s Act 1984 and other laws, empower them and ENTRUST them to do, to protect the public proportionately.

Yours clearly,

Tony Kilcoyne.

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