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Referendum on the new contract

Referendums (or referenda if you prefer) are all the rage at present. The Scots are having one this September to see if they should sue for divorce. The eurosceptics would…

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Rethink over fluoride referendum

Southampton may hold a referendum to give local voters the chance to block the fluoridation of tap water – the city council’s new leader has suggested.   The cash-strapped authority…

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Spiralling energy prices hits small businesses

…quarterly Referendum survey have seen energy bills increase over the past year, followed closely by rises in transport costs (92%) and increases in the price of raw materials (82%). Further,…

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Beware what you wish for

…pervaded the Scottish Referendum and is likely to pervade the four-month lead up to the European Referendum, would serve us well as the reforms of healthcare regulation take shape. It…