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New tooth tech will fill the gap for longer

…to …^ BDA Director defends dentists’ earnings^^1249603200^2144^BDA Director defends dentists’ ea…^^ Redheads more susceptible to dental pain^^1249862400^2146^Redheads more susceptible to dental…^^ Redheads may be avoiding the dentist^ Redheads are twice…

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Dental nurses ‘appalled’ at fees increase

…Get a closer look^^1288137600^3327^Get a closer look^^ New dental surgery catalogue^^1288137600^3328^New dental surgery catalogue^^ Cordless prophy polishing system^^1288137600^3329^Cordless prophy polishing system^^ Schools get an oral health education^ Health Minister Lord…

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Dentistry Top 50 – the 2014 results

This year the Dentistry Top 50 poll was again inundated with a record number of votes from readers of Dentistry magazine and A big congratulations goes to Earl Howe,…

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A tourist’s guide to mouth cancer

…to any of the above methods of sedation dentistry. In such cases, some dentists may offer the option of sleep dentistry. Sleep dentistry is different from sedation dentistry in that…

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Turn off tap when cleaning teeth, kids told

…on a baby, saving his life after his heart stopped.Staff at Richard Flanagan and Associates dental pra…^ A scorching Dentistry LIVE^ The sun was certainly shining this year at Dentistry

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‘Fundamental’ findings in oral cancer prediction

…to Private Dentistry, Aesthetic Dentistry Today, Implant Dentistry Today or Endodontic Practice.   ^1267056000^2574^Hurry for tickets to the World Aest…^The UK’s leading annual aesthetic dentistry event is to be held…