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Have you got a Ticket to Win from the FiveGoForth challenge?[0]=68.ARBYbIegn2XqRyni8JZ8fPszWUIqiTjaaS28PuFw5e-zBceIKGnR6BkT6zyjefu_EOgf1g1Lm_qOi22O-uWMP46WMyWFME9lAQMU58LzD96Ocjgn1yZf9d9NGQ7WblwHLDIsHQE&__tn__=C-R-R Ashley Latter sends us a quick message from the Lake District reminding us about the Five Go Forth event and the Ticket to Win. For more information visit….

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What you’ve missed this week

…moment. This week, the UK dental world saw the completion of two high-profile cycling challenges. The two events were the 15 day ‘Five go Forth’ Lands End to John O’Groats…