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Importance of flossing confirmed by study

American scientists have published a study which shows the importance of flossing for dental health. According to researchers at New York University, flossing can help to reduce the occurrence of…

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‘Flossing not a luxury’ says dentist

…to forget flossing while an alarming number of people also aren’t doing their bit to stop germs spreading, as one in four (25%) forget to cover their mouth when coughing…

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Flossing can prevent meningitis

Brushing teeth and flossing regularly could help prevent meningitis. That’s according to a recent study that identifies a link between a common type of mouth bacteria and the disease. Researchers…

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Implantology education… as you like it

There is something for everyone in the 2012 dental implantology education programme on The online prospectus enables dental professionals to ‘pick and mix’ a training programme tailored…

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