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Dental nurses ‘appalled’ at fees increase

…of State for Health Andrew Lansley says: ‘We’re looking at including frozen fruit and vegetables in the Healthy Start scheme. ‘Healthy Start helps more than half a million pregnant women…

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Oral health benefits of sugarfree gum

weeks’ xylitol gum Söderling 198939 Plaque pH Sucrose gum, Sorbitol gum, Xylitol gum, Sorbitol/xylitol gum N=7; two weeks’ gum use, 5x daily; plaque pH response to sucrose measured following pre-rinse…

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Tackling teenage smoking

health: the role of individual differences. London: Routledge Kelishadi R et al (2004) Smoking, adolescents and health: Isfahan healthy heart programme – heart health promotion from childhood. Asia Pac J…

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Implantology education… as you like it

…state for health as a mandatory requirement for healthcare professionals wishing to work in the NHS. He believes that, although it is illegal for a European members state to impede…