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Steroid injection and TMJ washout

…intra-articular steroid injection and manipulation of the TMJ under general anaesthesia, was advised. Kenalog contains Triamcinolone Acetonide (Figure 1), which can be injected directly into the joint space under local…

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£30 million cash injection for NHS dentistry

injection. Dr Carter said: ‘In times of economic difficulty this investment is great news for the industry. There have been some vast improvements in oral health over the last 30…

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£7 million cash injection for dental chain

James Hull Associates (JHA) today announced the next stage of its development with the injection of £7 million by AXA Private Equity, one of Europe’s leading diversified private equity firms….

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Cash injection aids Norfolk recovery

…PCT six months to tackle the issues. A government injection of £1.1 million helped the ailing service and there are now regular meetings about improving the quality of the service….

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Novel dental syringe reduces pain of injections

…available for patients. Who will use it? Research conducted in 2009 found that 70% of British adults were anxious about having injections at the dentist. Millions of dental injections per…

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Cash injection for mouth cancer research

The Mouth Cancer Foundation, has awarded a grant of £12,000 to The Institute of Cancer Research. The founder of the Mouth Cancer Foundation Dr Joshi says: ‘Head and…